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Refund Policy

All subscriptions to the Camelid Quarterly, are non-refundable once the subscription has be approved by the publisher, payment has been processed and the subscriber has been issued his/her user ID and Password to the subscription account. Accounts may be cancelled at any time but without refund, either in whole or in part.

Undelivered copies (Print subscriptions only) may be requested by the subscriber within 30 days of publication date and the publisher will make every reasonable effort to fulfill the order at his cost if it is determined that it was, in fact, the publishers neglect to fulfill the order. The publisher shall not be responsible for damage or loss due to Canada Post or USPS neglect. False claims shall be treated as fraudulent and dealt with accordingly.

In these matters, subscribers should deal with the publisher or his subscription manager directly, for a speedy resolution.You may contact the Publisher at 902-832-6131 (, Subscription Manager at 902-832-6131 (

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