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Feedback From Our Readers

Thank you to all of our readers who have taken the time to let us know what they think.

I love your creative emails. Can't wait for my CQ to arrive. I am not an avid online reader, but when my CQ arrives, everything else here comes to a stop and nobody can interrupt my reading pleasure.
- Christiane Rudolf  Fayetteville, Ohio

Just a note to tell you that you are the nicest publisher I ever came across. Its always a pleasure to work with you. would be the first one we could come to (to place our advertising). You are honest and try to help.
- Arlene Gruter  Bango, PA

I just opened the spring issue of CQ, and I can't find the words to describe it. It is an incredible magazine, filled with all the stuff I like to read and see. I will be spending many hours perusing and digesting all the interesting and useful information. Thank you for putting out a super great magazine.
- Christiane Rudolf  Fayetteville, Ohio

Amazing email. Very clever. I will put my thinking cap on and try to come up with another article.
- Christiane Rudolf  Fayetteville, Ohio 45118

Just received your latest edition. WOW! Packed with such important, useful, and great information. We read it quickly from cover to cover and are now taking our time. Sharing info with other local subscribers and soon-to-be's. Please keep up the amazing job you are doing. We need this if our industry is to survive!!
- Chickie Hiyoshida  Port Angeles, WA

I loved your June much so i am going to the magazine......It helped us with the mange problem.....we see on two of our boy alpacas..whites....Ellen Barlow at Kings Highway Alpacas...
- Ellen Bsrlow  Middleton, NH

I am overwhelmed by the level of skill and creativity shown here! I hope this site will be available throughout the year as a reference for those of us who are still learning our way in the fiber arts.
- Nancy Imphong  Carlisle, PA

What terrific ideas and inspirations! Thank you to all those talented people.
- Penny Trovillo  Fayetteville, TN

Wow, I am so thrilled to see so many amazing and wonderful creations utilizing alpaca fiber. Thanks to all of the talented fiber artists out there who took the time to submit their entries. I do not know how anyone could vote for just one, there are so many wonderful creations. Please do NOT take this page down, it needs to remain up as a way to show our yarn customers the variety of different things they can make with alpaca yarns and felts. I am wondering if there is a way that each individual entry could be made available as a jpeg so that we could run it on our Ipad in our store...
- Nikki & Collins Griffith  Sandollar Alpacas, Kennewick, WA

Wow, What an inspiration for all those who have their fiber in garages, etc. Hopefully all those with furry creatures will see this site......Loved it.
- Debra Yancey  Olympia, Washington

So many beautiful pieces. Cannot wait until I retire and devote the time to develop our alpaca farm yield with a variety of ideas received from here. Thank you..
- Lyn Kessie  Waxhaw, NC 28173

Thanks to all the entrants for their wonderful and imaginative designs, and to Peter Rysko and CQ for leading the way in showcasing all these fiber products. Kudos. J.
- Jane Christie  VA, USA

How creative each item is. I enjoyed that you used nature and items that were in the backyard for ideas. Beautiful work. Art of love. To choose only 1 from each category was a challenge.
- elaine stratford  kelowna

I just finally got the chance to subscribe to the magazine again. I haven't had the money but I sure missed it! I am anxious to get my next issue :-) Leslie from A to Z Alpacas
- Leslie Unruh  Alberta Canada

Thank you all for inspiring us all.
- JoAnn Sloan  Bridle Valley Alpacas Ignacio, CO

BEAUTIFUL! So many GIFTED people!!!
- Katharine Kramer  Olympia, WA

Loved the Showcase again this year. Thank you for promoting our wonderful alpacas.
- Beckie Perell  Loomis CA

I have viewed this CQ Natural Fiber Showcase for several years and love all the hard work from applicants all over US and CA. My alpacas are only pet quality animals but have nice fiber to work with. I love to knit and the feel of the alpaca yarn going though my fingers is pleasing. Keep up with this showcase to show all of us what wonderful ideas and work we all do.
- Marcella Radke  Hillsboro, OR

As the owner of Old Castle Alpacas in Valley Center/North San Diego County, California, I truly appreciate the wonderfully imaginative and talented people that submitted their works of art using alpaca and llama wool to show the usefulness of our beautiful and gentle animals...Makes me want to get creative with all the bags of fiber we have from this year's shearing! Thank you CQ magazine for being a classy magazine promoting the Fiber Arts and animals!
- Sonja Lisenby  Valley Center, CA

I just looked thru the pictures of all your entrants to the contest - what an incredible amount of talent you are displaying here !!! I see that creativity is abounding - we all need to do a better job of getting this wonderful fiber marketed and into homes across the nation and the world - the demand would then soar !!! this is exciting - Thank You for your wonderful contest.....
- Linda Kenison  Mona, Utah

I love this magazine and find that it contains so much more useful information than any other magazine for this industry. Not just ads, but articles that help, inspire, and promote the fiber side of the industry. I highly recommend it to all fiber/and fiber producing enthusiasts. Keep up the super work..
- Christiane Rudolf  Fayetteville, Ohio, USA

CQ is an outstanding magazine for the industry. Just wish I received it more than quarterly. As a long-time llama breeder I am especially interested in the latest medical and genetic information. And of course the fiber! Keep up the good work!
- Jane Livingston  Missouri

The fiber Showcase is just one of the many reasons we love CQ! Though we have not yet participated by submitting an entry, camelid fiber is such a wonderful natural resource, and so important to our vision of how we are contributing to the re-discovery of truly sustainable agricultural practices - that we are thrilled to see the winners published every year, and enjoy showing that issue to everyone who asks, 'What can you do with the fiber?' Thanks again for your contributions to the camelid business in North America,
- Linda Marie McWilliams  New Hampshire

Thank you so much for featuring my boy Argentine Marcel on the cover of CQ this month...I haven't rec'd my copy yet, but I see the cover posted on the site already and cannot wait to have it in my hands and read all of the great articles!! As usual, you have done an outstanding job!! Thank you again! Sandra Reynolds Lone Star Ranch, Ok/Tx
- Sandra Reynolds  Oklahoma/Texas USA

Your magazine is excellent and I love it. It is so full of fabulous information it is really like receiving an up to date reference book every three months. What an awesome publication!
- Sharon Roberts  Grand Valley, ON

Just received our first edition of CQ and love it. We did subscribe and love the ability to go on line and access past issues!
- Chickie Hiyoshida  Port Angeles, Washington

Just received the latest issue, and have only had time to scan the table of contents. But as always, I'm SO eager to dive into the content. I've said this before, and I'll likely repeat it... International Camelid Quarterly is by far the best publication of our industry, past or present. (I manage the libraries for a couple of camelid organizations, so I've actually had opportunity to read the earlier publications from when the llama world was at its zenith.) CQ is such an extraordinarily high-quality publication, and the content never fails to cover a fascinating and always relevant range of topics. I am so pleased that you accept my submissions for publication--I think there's truly no higher honor for a camelid-topic writer than to be included in CQ. It's funny... regardless of the other achievements along the diverse paths of my life, and no matter that I've published articles and stories in other publications, my mother is always most proud of my work appearing in CQ! Frankly, I am too! Thanks for letting me be part of the magazine! And now, it's break time and I have just long enough to start reading...
- L'illette Vasquez  Colorado

Just recieved the June 2010 issue. I could not put it down. This issue had some of the best and timely articles in it. We are trying to be frugal with this tough economy but your magazine is a important tool and we are renewing now!
- Rochelle Fairfield  Coeur d'Alene Idaho

The magazine is outstanding by the high quality displayed. With this cover, it seems like Vogue Intl. The beautiful style of the garment as well as the girl (model) made it spetacular.
- Ivan Rocha  Chicago, Il

Beautiful work in all categories! It was hard to decide which to vote for. Thank you for having this showcase for the fiber arists to display their talents.
- Nancy Imphong  Carlisle, PA

I was urged to participate in the voting by Suzanna Collins and BOY am I glad I did. What stunning work. So much talent. Very hard to settle on one only in each category. Thank you.
- Judith Bunn  Buffalo NY

I was fascinated by Eric Hoffman's article about twins. My twin boys, Donnan and Doughald, pictured with the article, are now 4.5 years old. They are healthy and strong, and this article reminds me what a rarity, and what a blessing, these two little guys have been! Kudos, too, to all contributors to this issue. As always, CQ presents the best content from the best authors and members of our camelid communities!
- L'illette Vasquez  Boulder/Longmont, CO USA

Loved it all. Awesome work by everyone.
- Wendy Foote  Spirit River, Alberta

The fiber artists created the most beautiful items again this year. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at every single one. Thanks much for having the Showcase for all of us to enjoy.
- Linda Boyd  Sonora, CA

We just received our first CQ magazine and the articles are wonderful. And - - regarding voting for Showcase arts, etcs., you've given us a terrific task. Every item is a wonderful creation.
- Gretchen L'Hommedieu  Stevenson, WA USA

Absolutely beautiful work.
- Dana Foss  Dixon, CA USA

Loved the Natural Fiber Showcase. Also just finished reading the newest CQ. Excellent articles.... as always
- Jody Pellerin  Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada

What beautiful work in all categories (of the 2010 Natural Fiber Product Showcase)! Keep up being creative!
- Marie Molloy  Beech Grove,IN

CQ magazine found the most beautiful girl for ithe March cover. Both the girl and the garment design ARE from Brazil !!! Imagine that...
- M.Cecilia pinto-lord  New Hampshire USA

What beautiful work! Everything is so great it was hard to choose which was the best or most creative.
- Carol Docker  Amber Moon Alpacas, Rochester, VT

Thanks for the notice. Please make sure I am on your email list for notices. I missed :( this years fiber event. I just love what your magazine is doing to help promote the fiber industry.......of course along with all the other good articles!
- Linda Baker  Manchester, TN

Got my CQ yesterday! I love the fibre focus the magazine is taking on. Fibres are definitely HOT these days!! Nice work!
- Veronica Brown  Calgary, AB

It's nice to see so many beautiful creative items made from the wonderful fiber of alpacas, llamas, sheep etc. Thank you for providing a showcase for promoting the uses for fibers and fleece in CQ. SpinningStar Alpacas
- Hedy Price Paley  Santa Barbara California

What beautiful work! All of the pieces entered demonstrate such creativity and skill- very difficult to choose just one! Thank you to CQ for providing the showcase for these labors of love.
- Gretchen Nygaard  Sonora,CA

Items are just lovely. We are finding so many ways to use our beautiful fiber from our alpacas. I myself knit and felt, and love to weave with the fiber.
- Souza Dee  Orland, CA

I'm inspired by this wonderful display of fiber artists at work! Thank you CQ for promoting camelid fiber. I look forward to more professional and commercial categories in future competitions.
- Christine Perala Gardiner  Cave Junction Oregon

Your magazine has been a real life line for newcomers like us, and a continued inspiration to our youngest daughter (aged 10). Each time it arrives she pours over it for days. ..... want to tell you once again how happy we are to make a contribution to a publication that has helped us so much as we have become established.
- Heather Candler  Oak Hills Alpacas

My thanks to you for the informative publication that has helped our family get off to a great start with our farm. We enjoy seeing each issue arrive and even our 10-year old reads it cover to cover.
- Heather Candler  Stirling, Ontario, Canada

I want to commend you for your intelligence and integrity for having printed the wonderful article by Eric Hoffman regarding birth defects and inbreeding. He and you should be very proud to honestly present this inormation to the alpaca community. Eric Hoffman is respected as a scientific researcher, writer, traveler, and camelid lover. I thank him for all of the books and informative articles he produces. And, I thank you for printing these wonderfully informative, accurate, scientic and sensible articles. This is the best reason to subscribe to QC.
- Jean Garvey  Mazomanie, Wisconsin

We are happy subscribers to CQ and want to thank you for the great "Index of Articles"...... a wonderful reference for all Alpaca & Llama farmers. We look forward to many more future editions. Keep up the good work!
- Darlene Homenchuk  Oyama, BC

Belated but sincere... thank you so very much for the (extra copies of March and June issues) 2 issues. We passed them out at our Buyers Clinic and then again at the Open House/Farm Tour. Those were both such good issues, lots of good info for prospective alpaca buyers in there.  As a subscriber, I read your magazine from cover to cover every month. Thanks for such good articles every month. Thanks again Starr
- Starr Cash  Asheville, NC

I just thought to write about a feature that i really like about your magazine (besides it being a truly wonderful periodical), When you publish articles in your magazine, you finish them all together. Most others begin an article and then finish them somewhere else in the magazine and i have always found that disjointed. THANKYOU !!!
- Elizabeth Martin  Marysville, WA

The fiber artisans and processors literally hold the future of the alpaca business in North America in their hands. It is reassuring to see such diversity and quality in products ranging from from a replica of a Macaroni penquin and other stuffed animals to intricately patterned scarves and durable rugs. What a wonderful array of diversity and quality. Congratulations to these talented people.
- Eric Hoffman  Santa Cruz, California

A really wonderful presentation of some absolutely incredible creations! Thank you for providing such an exciting, fun and motivating display of some tremendously beautiful works of art. The Natural Fiber Products Showcase should most definitely take place every year!
- Emma Fowler  Vermont

I would love to have something similar down here in South America! We have plenty of llamas, alpacas and guanacos but we don´t have finished products of this quality and creativity ! Congratulations to all the participants! Best Wishes fom Argentina.
- Victoria Muniz Barreto  Buenos Aires-Argentina

What a fantastic job and the voting website, whoever created it did a fantastic job. I'm on dial up, and the way the photos were posted as a thumbnail was great, it did not slow me down. Very easy viewing. Voting was difficult, what a pleasure to see how artistic others are. Can't wait to send this along to friends.
- Kate Nelson  DeTour Village Michigan

WOW - there are sooooo many really talented artisans out there. Good Job to all of you!!!
- roxanne goss  ohio

What a wonderful viewing! Terribly hard to choose only 3. Congratulations to all the wonderful artisans!
- Carol Farmer  Montgomery, Vermont

I think the idea of categories is a good one. There were so many beautiful projects submitted and more of them should be awarded. Choosing only 3 was not easy.
- Therese Holm  Bend, OR

I would like to thank you for that wonderful copy of CQ that you sent to me. It is as always a fine magazine and one that is ahead of it's own industry.
- Ron Hennig

How to choose only 3!! Maybe next time divide categories such as wearable, art, and other!!
- Lindsay Chandler  Waterville, VT

Just got through the March issue of CQ Can't say enough about it. This topic should be an annual event. The industry has to focus more time on the fiber to keep these gorgeous animals going. The information was amazing and I think it will give some Aha moments to everyone in the industry. Thanks for a wonderful job.
- Connie Carlson

Thank you for so beautifully supporting the fiber industry! And, thanks to the wonderfully talented fiber artists for sharing their creative and original ideas! How to pick just three? They all are stunning!
- Karen Christian  Williamston, MI

I had the hardest time trying to decide my best three. The work is just great and wonderful to seee what can be done with fiber.
- Thomas Gogol  Lee,IL

The fiber arts project is great! Impressive, fun and valuable. Thanks. Joyce
- Joyce Abrams  Cave Junction, Oregon

What amazing talent in the fiber showcase. I'm very grateful to be a part of it. As for knitting & crocheting with alpaca "Once you've had the best you forget the rest"
- Ann Clayburn  Stratford, On

I totally enjoy reading the CQ magazine on line. Articles on care of camelids and farm hints are always what I'm looking for. I thoroughly loved looking through all the entries and voting. Keep up the good work.
- Marcella Radke  Hillsboro, OR

I have been receiving your magazine for the past three years and I find it to be a wealth of information! I enjoy reading it cover to cover. Like you, I would love to see more people share that opportunity...
- Pamela Guindon  Ontario

The creative use of llama and alpaca fiber was fantastic and the choices were difficult to make as there were so many creative fiber artists. Please keep up the great work.
- Kathie Haber  Petersburg,

The Fiber Showcase is absolutely wonderful! The variety, artistry and quality of all of the items made it very difficult to pick just three to vote for.
- Cheryl Juntilla  Colorado

What beautiful work! And fantastic variety ! Thank you for presenting this. Well Done!!!
- Megan Burleson  Merrimac Alpacas, Snohomish, WA

What a great opportunity to showcase what we can do with our fiber! Thank you for the many hours put into this site. May we have another contest?
- Jody Stanwyck  Carnation WA

Stunning designs! Wonderful creations! Fiber Artist rejoice. I loved looking at all of the designs, I wished I could have voted for all of them.
- Kathyrn Kukla  Jackson, MI

What a wonderful display. We have so much talent in our midst. I was very inspired with all of the beautiful projects. Keep it up! Every item is a step forward for the fiber industry and a wonderful introduction to the great world of camelids. Thank you all.
- Vasquez Robin  Gilroy, California

Loved the fabulous fiber creations! It was inspiring to see all the creativity of our fiber friends!
- marj gerhart  pa

I would like to have seen a better way to enter my choices for the fiber competition. It would have been easier to just click, instead of it trying to bring up my outlook account (which I don't use). I had to copy and paste everything to a secondary account. I will say it was hard to choose just three - everyone did such a great job! I'm excited to see who the winners will be!
- Dawn Nicole John  Pittsford, New York

This is truly the best magazine on the market. I love the handmade items by artisans. Each one was unique and special. It was hard to choose, as they were all beautiful. I love to see that more and more people are trying their hand at creative alpaca/llama fiber products. Keep up the good work. The articles are phenomenal. I recommend you to every person interested in this industry. AOBA Magazine needs to take lessons!
- Jannette Cox  Sevierville Tennessee

As always, interesting and involving the alpaca/llama community. Looking at all these pieces of art makes me believe in our industry and the fibre world. Everyone rocks! Thanks for taking the time to submit all the beautiful pieces. I know that llamas rule, but "Once you go alpaca, you don't go backa" Nancy Hutchinson Spinning Wheel Alpacas
- Nancy- The Alpaca Lady Hutchinson  Enniskillen, (NE Oshawa) Ontario

Amazing to see all the different items made with Alpaca! Thanks for doing this.
- Tarney Linda  Rocky Mountain House, AB

WoW! Great concept and execution! The process was easy to follow and all those fabulous alpaca products!
- lynda Cunningham  Seaside, CA

This was a real joy to see the different things that people are making such wonderful things. Keep up this kind of thing to show the world what we can do with our fibers.
- Linda Youells  Telford, PA USA

You and your staff are always on the cutting edge of technology and all things camelid. the Fiber Showcase is a really great way to show what folks are doing. If you do this again I have a white suri "after 5'" dinner jacket that was tailored for my precious husband from fabric that Alpaca Jack's had made by Exotic Fibres in Canada. Now what category would that be in? It does show the place where we need to go and that is to thread to weave fabric for men and women's suiting. We are missing the professional clothing in our thoughts. Not only for alpaca being light weight, it is resilient to wrinkling. great travel fabric. Can we have you investigate this angle of further processing and how we move into the arena that the Italians, British and Peruvians have already conquered? North America seems to not quite have the vision. Would you push us forward to it? Regards and congratulations for continued success. Caroline Mixon
- Caroline Mixon  Flowery Branch, Ga

This site was breath taking. I can only imagine the amount of work that has gone into it. IT was so easy to navigate and use. The talent and items are amazing. What fun it was to see what other people are doing. Thanks for making this year of the Natural Fiber a special one with this effort. Kudos to you all at CQ. Keep up the fantastic work.
- Carol Reigh  Birdsboro PA

Great work on the showcase. There were so many wonderful items to look through and I can see that your readership really got involved with this one. There are a lot of talented people in the camelid community and it is nice to see you hosting their roster of goodies for all to see. Keep up the great work!
- Anne Marie & Jeff Hrysko  Calgary, AB

This was a total pleasure to view! Such thoughtful, beautiful works of art. Wonderful way to travel the world and see so much talent! Thank you CQ and all the folks that displayed their extraordinary pieces.
- Katharine Kramer  Olympia, WA

Wow - that was an extremely difficult chore. What a great presentation, CQ! And what a wonderful & inspiring array of talent. I was sorry I was limited to only three votes - so many fantastic creations. I do admit to a preference for natural colors though, which eliminated a few excellent items. The originality & craftsmanship were exceptional. - Bev
- Bev Henry  Barriere, British Columbia

Excellent contest and great use of cameld fibers. Inspirational - thanks to all the artists who entered!
- Chris Rogers  De Pere, Wisconsin

A very big thank you to CQ for showcasing all the wonderful fibre products being created out there. Voting was difficult with so many beautiful items to choose from. Your showcase gallery was a work of genuis and so easy to navigate. Thank you again, for a great contest. It will inspire many, I'm sure.
- Linda Kemilainen  Marmora, Ontario

It was a pleasure to experience the workmanship and creativity of the artists who submitted their creations. In the midst of such fearful economic times, these examples of such a wide range of camelid fiber usage is truly encouraging. Thank you all.
- Kathryn Medrea  Dwight, IL

How inspiring and motovating to see what others are doing with their fiber.
- Kris Allen  Bluffs Il

Always a pleasure to read your publication. Many Thanks!
- Louise Smith  Quebec, Canada

Great magazine - I know I can count on it for "meaty" articles with balanced advertising. While you need advertisers, it's important for me to see interesting and educational content. CQ is the best camelid magazine out there!
- Patti Anderson  Havre de Grace, MD, USA

I enjoy CQ very much. Your articles are great and educational. Thank you for your focus on the fiber end of the business.
- Sharon Vail  Eagle Point, OR

I think the Natural Fibre Showcase is a grand idea! Keep up the good work and supporting the camelid artisans. Great magazine all around!
- Barbara Bales  West Virginia

Wonderful idea and really impressive works here - I was thinking this was going to be in your printed pub. Consider making this an annual event or special issue - maybe it is time to graduate to a bimonthly journal now. A Fiber issue, a herdsire issue, a cria/dam care issue, a health/vet care issue, an international flavors issue, a show and PR issue?
- meg steensland  Mt Gilead OH USA

Enjoyed hearing and seeing what is going on in the fiber world.
- Jennie Kauffman  Goshen IN

BEAUTIFUL! Simply wonderful. I am a spinner and weaver. These items are so inspireing (sp?). Now I can try making something with the feathers I've collected. Just do it. The llamas and sheep are growing fiber faster than you think. And the birds are making feathers.
- Barbara Johansen  Wilmington, NC

The magazine just received was excellent and I look forward to future issues.
- Anya Walkington  New Zealand

THANK YOU for making renewal so easy for such an informative magazine! eliz
- Eliz Martin  Marysville, WA

We are alpaca breeders in Quebec and we absolutely love CQ ! We talk about your magazine to every single future breeder who comes by our farm and tell them how much this magazine is a must.
- Sara Patenaude  Havelock, QC

Thank you for such a great magazine. Your selection of contributing authors is very well chosen. Without a doubt your International Camelid Quarterly is by far the best "bang for the buck". I have all of your issues and have indexed them. Mainly for health and husbandry issues.
- Gerry Flucke  Salmon Arm, British Columbia

I always enjoy reading your publication. Keep up the good work and positive attitude.
- Lisa Boykiw  Smoky Lake, Alberta

I still think you have the BEST camelid magazine out there - on a calibre with journals (speaking now as a published scientist).
- Meg Steensland

Thanks for a great publication.
- Linda Kondris  Elbert, Colorado

Keep up the great work, we always read cover to cover!
- Heather Blanchard  Oil Springs, Ontario

Thank you so much for your wonderful publication...
- Judy Brown  Montrose, Colorado

Thanks for your magazine. I enjoy it so much it has replaced the Alpacas magazine I no longer subscribe to.
- Eva Gallagher  Auburn, WA

Thanks... for all your contributions to the Camelid industry, your positive attitude, and your wonderful magazine.
- Hanslip Barrie  Sooke, British Columbia

(Renewing Subscriber) Just wanted to say what a great publication you put out. Very informative - high quality. I look forward to each and every issue.
- Linda Kemilainen  Marmora, Ontario

I love Camelid Quarterly! It is the most educational publication about alpacas on the market. I learn a lot from every issue; it is the only alpaca magazine I read cover to cover.
- Nancy Walker  Mead, WA USA

Keep up the good work on a great magazine.
- Gordon Hadyk  New Hampshire

Thanks for sharing your information in this marvelous publication - clearly the best camelid journal around. (Commenting on the article by Bev Henry in the June 2008 issue of CQ: "Birth of the Ccara Registry"
- Meg Steensland  Ohio

I have a llama that has experience heat stroke. He has been sitting for two days. He is cooled down, but I can not seem to get him to stand. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thx.
- Jeff Smith  Texas

Many thanks for a wonderful magazine. Always a treat to get my new copy. Keep up the great work - it is appreciated!
- Patricia Moore  Tsawwassen, BC

Yes, I do want to re subscribe. Good info about llamas and alpacas. Only have llamas and LLUV them dearly.
- Carol Lontine  Colorado

(As an advertiser) I am getting a lot of calls from folks in the US and I think your magazine may have something to do with that!! Thanks!!
- Julie McLean  Kelowna, British Columbia

The website's archives alone are more than worth the cost of my annual subscription! Having immediate access to the many invaluable articles is... well, invaluable! Kudos to whomever designed and maintains that section!
- L'illette Vasquez  Boulder/Longmont, CO

On behalf of the Greater Appalachian Llama and Alpaca Association (GALA), I want to thank you for your support. We were able to give every attendee a Camelid Quarterly Magazine in their welcome bag. Your donation of CQ subscriptions aided in our auction total of almost $19,000. for camelid research and rescue. Twenty-two states were represented at the conference. Everyone had a great time and we know that your support and donations aided in the success of the conference. Thanks again!
- Carol Reigh  Birdsboro, PA

Thanks for the huge contribution your magazine makes to our industry.
- Stella Beniuk  Sherwood Park, AB

...we guard our issue in fear of it being lost so are always hesitant to lend it out. It is always full of excellent information and we look forward to each publication.
- Amy Tonning  New Brunswick

All your issues are so informative and cover so many aspects of the camelid world--there isn't a better magazine.
- Bobra Goldsmith  Colorado

I enjoy the magazine. The articles are great and very helpful. The advertizing is done very well. I look forward to each issue eagerly. Keep up the good work.
- cecelia cameron  vermilion alberta

Your magazine just keeps getting better. I am very much enjoying the thought-provoking articles on breed standards, particularly since we are in the midst of establishing the Ccara as a breed. The article on dogs was long past due and very sobering.
- Bev Henry  British Columbia

Just a quick note to say thanks for including my article in the magazine. It seems an especially good issue (and not because my article is in there!). So much really relevant and interesting info. Your magazine has long been one of the best, of course. Very pleased.
- L'illette Vasquez  Colorado

I wish to let you know how much we enjoy your publication and we generally read from cover to cover...and keep it for future reference. Thank you for this service to the industry.
- Denise Martel  Ontario, Canada

I like your magazine - I worked for for 35 years and did selection from science journals for the first 7 yrs and published 4 papers in sci journals. Your magazine reads more like one of the professional sci journals than the other publications. Even though I had an article on guard lamas published in ILR's last Oct, I still read your publication cover-to-cover and give it to another lama owner when done. I have quit looking at ILR so much as I still prefer hard copy to sit down and read.
- Meg Steensland  Ohio

...we have always appreciated your magazine. The content is very educational and informative; even for someone who has been in the camelid industry nearly 22 years. Wishing you continued success.
- Rose Ann Knoblock  Kansas

Thank you for the incredibly prompt response.  CQ is not only the BEST camelid magazine in existence - you also have great customer service.
- Cheryl Juntilla  Colorado

I don't want to miss one word or picture published in your Quarterly because I believe it to be the absolute best journal for camelid breeders and enthusiasts. Thank you all for providing the industry with such superb and interesting information.
- Judy Morgenstern  New Jersey

Hi Folks; i have been raising camelids for almost 13 years (mostly llamas). I love these animals with a passion but at my age it is time to change my focus. I have been using my animals for therapy with persons with special needs. This is where my heart is and have been doing this as a charity. Now it is time to create a business. Do any of you do this and do you have advice for me. Thanking you in advance. Blessings Jo-Anne Cooper
- Jo-Anne Cooper  Nova Scotia Canada

Great magazine! I love all the educational articles! Perfect for the herd manager and farm owner! Thank you so much. I like how you also put your articles online too! Wonderful for those of us searching a specific topic!
- Lindsay Toraason  Seward, NE

The special edition Camelid Industry Directory and Resource Guide was fantastic. thanks!
- starr cash  north carolina

You have a wonderful magazine.
- Roy Naomi  Pennsylvania

i enjoy the mag. it is very interesting the aticles are a great help and the surveys keep us informed keep up the good work
- Cecelia Cameron  Alberta

I read in CQ about the use of either Hemp seed or Flax seed - I cannot find my copy of the CQ that was in and wonder if someone could tell me about the article and where I can get further info on this. Much appreciate any help. Thank you! Aase S Frederick EBA Oaks Alpacas
- Aase Frederick  Northern California USA

The registry survey was very interesting.
- Marvin Adamson  AB CA

Thank you CQ, The survey was excellent. We would like all of those alpaca owners that are not utilizing their fleeces (fiber) to contact us. We could use it for the price of shipping. We are also building our fiber boy herd and are looking for inexpensive fiber boys within a days drive of our farm. Thanks again, Sheila & Pat Henry.
- Sheila & Pat Henry  Reed City, MI

You are to be congratulated on you initiative in performing your recent camelid industry survey. YouR effortS are appreciated.
- Dorian Lechpriak  Washington

Regarding your recent Camelid Industry Survey: I appreciate some hard numbers from someone. It's not forthcoming from the AOBA or the ARI and this is more than a little bit frustrating. Please include us in any future surveys. Thanks !
- Matt Williams  Marlboro, VT

I think this survey helped open the eyes of all llama breeders in Canada. I know the Alpacas are well looked after, but the llamas seem to be on a back burner. It is dissappointing that not too many people are raising llamas. Thank you for this survey. It was well put together.
- Carmen Peters  Gibsons, B.C.

I am preparing information for our township board. The zoning rules state that alpacas are grouped with horses and Llamas. Under this rule, I can only have 3 animals on my 8 acres of land. If they were grouped with sheep, I could have 17. I am looking for a picture with a Llama and and alpaca to show the difference in size. Can anyone help me???????
- Lee  Wolney  Howel , Michigan

Hi Reba,
All previous CQ Magazine articles end up in our CQ Magazine, Library section. Hope this helps.
- Al Hicks Support

I am trying to locate a reprint of an article regarding animal therapy from the March 2002 issue of CQ Magazine. Can anyone help me obtain this?
- Reba Matern

This website is awesome! It is really easy to navigate and understand. Makes life just a little easier. Thank you
- Carmen Peters  Gibsons, B.C.

The web site is great, fast loading. The info contained within is invaluable. Keep up the good work.
- Trevor MacMillan  Medicine Hat

We just got our first CQ in the mail today. It is very nicely put together and inspiring. I appreciate the mushroom article with photos, this year more than ever, it was a great idea and a big help.
- Dee Boyle-Clapp

Hello, It has now been 10 days since my llama "Fred" has stood up, and about that long since I asked for help through this channel. I am still very hopeful and I especially want to thank Judy (who called me long distance) and Lillian for her e-mail reply a week ago. Fred's temp has remained normal since we brought it down with ice packs and fanning. Fred makes valiant attempts to stand up on his own, grunting and shaking his head and kicking his legs out when he falls back. We are doing manual leg extensions daily and keeping the fans on him constantly in this heat and humid spell we are now having. He hums when the females leave the barn to go outside. He is alert and seems in good spirits except when he shows his frustration at not being able to stand. He is eating very well: oats with crumbles (llama supplement and minerals), and hay; and drinks now ... but not as much as I think he should. His skin is tight though, and his feces are normal (not too hard or soft) ... so I've got to think he is getting as much water he needs in his inactive state. He is a strong boy and we are going to continue working with him. He seems to be regaining his strength; hopefully, he will one day pop up onto his feet ... kind of like a newborn cria when they go through their first attempts to stand up and walk. I know we have to be patient. Heat stroke takes a lot out of them (and us when it happens) ... and recovering strength from heat stroke is not accomplished over night. I know many have lost llamas due to heat; and when a llama is down from heat, it is always very serious. If I can help anyone out there with this problem, after my experience, just let me know through this e-mail channel. And thanks again to everyone who tried to help! I'll update you later. Jack Deem
- Jack Deem

I was most interested in the article by Pierre Baychelier on "Pure Suri", and what constitiutes a pure suri. I believe that the debate about pure suri is purely about price, and somehow it seems the shorter the pedigree, the more likely a breeder is to claim that his/her suris are "pure". Pierre's back-cross chart is irrefutable, with one important condition. It needs at least one of the breeding pair in each generation to be "pure" before it works. This then is the conundrum. How can we ever have such a thing as a pure suri. Even the first mating in the chain of events needs one animal to be at least 93% pure, ie. known suri great, great grand parents on down to the animal you are using to begin the process. I have never seen anybody who proports to breed "pure" suris out here produce such a pedigree for any suri which they are using as a breeding animal. And remember at any stage in the chain a pure animal is essential as a part of the pair, otherwise the purity is unimproved (as in the F2 case). This probably means, that given the generation interval, and the occasional "huacaya cropping up"( which Pierre is willing to accept) that any animal with sufficient pedigree to be considered pure just might be too old to breed anyway. Also when you take into account the results published in the "Camelid Research" article that 92% of alpacas tested for hybridization in South America were hybrids anyway... well what does that do to the breeding plan. Suddenly we need the same number of known parentage (or a DNA test detailed) for any animal before we can claim that we produce pure alpacas, yet alone pure suris. Maybe its just that glorious uncertainty which makes the suri such a rewarding animal to breed. ;-) Thanks for a great magazine, particularly those two articles mentioned in my comments
- Jeanette  Williams  Kenilworth Park: Australia

Llamas and alpacas kick ass!
- Jen Racicot

Great Articles. Used the one for herbs for more milk. Worked Great!
- Kay Reed  Neosho, MO

Fantastic site and magazine. This is what the industry has needed for long time. Keep up the good work!
- Steven Sarducci  Peoria

I have a question: What does it take to neutralize the area that llamas have decided to use as their outdoor toilet so that it will grow grass again? I have asked people who should know (degrees in Agriculture) but to no avail. I can't be the only one who would like to know.
- Paul Allison  Spokane Washington

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