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Print Advertising Terms and Conditions

Please read the following carefully. Should you have any questions please call the offices of the Camelid Quarterly at: 902-832-6131

Terms and Conditions as stated below represent the entire agreement and contract between the Camelid Quarterly (herein referred to as CQ) and the Client. No other terms or conditions of contract exist, either stated or implied, outside of this document unless otherwise mutually agreed to in writing between CQ and the Client at time of order.


CQ - The Camelid Quarterly and/or the Publisher of the Magazine, its employees and/or its subcontractors.
CQ Media Kit - advertising rates and deadlines in effect at time of order. Client, Advertiser, Agent - may, in some cases, be one and the same.


Any instructions or requests communicated verbally will be accepted but not guaranteed unless stated in writing in a timely fashion and confirmed by both parties.

Availability Of Space

All advertising space is sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Space reservations must be confirmed by post, fax or e-mail on or before the space booking deadline date as specified in the CQ Media Kit or advertising may not be published for that issue.

Advertising Rates

All advertising space costs listed in the CQ Media Kit are considered net - exclusive of agency discounts or commissions. Display Ad rates as indicated in the current CQ Media Kit do not include ad production charges. Production charges may be applicable to supplied artwork if the file(s) supplied are not the exact format and/or dimension required and as stipulated in the Technical Specification section of the CQ Media Kit.


Unless stipulated by the Publisher, payment for any ad space booking is due on - or in advance of - the publication date as stipulated in the CQ Media Kit. The total amount of any multiple-issue contract booking in which a frequency discount has been allotted is required on or before the distribution date of the ad booking contract’s first ad insertion. Failure by the client to submit payment as specified shall entitle CQ to terminate CQ’s contractual obligations to the client forthwith and to demand full payment for space booked. The Publisher reserves the right to impose a surcharge of two percent (2%) per month on all overdue amounts, retroactive to the date of invoice.


No cancellations of booking contracts reserving space will be accepted after the respective space booking closing (deadline) date. The advertiser has the right to cancel any advertising space booked providing such cancellation is made in writing via letter, fax or verified e-mail prior to the booking deadline of the impending issue. Any advertiser cancelling after the space reservation deadline must forfeit the invoiced cost of the space. If the Client cancels any one or more ad spaces stated in the multiple-insertion contract, he/she relinquishes any right to any discount(s) to which he/she may have been previously entitled, and all advertisements published under the contract up to that point will attract the appropriate and full (non-discounted) current rate. In such case, CQ will issue a new invoice reflecting adjustment charges applicable to advertisements that were previously published at a discounted rate, with these added charges plus any outstanding amounts due and payable upon reciept. Should cancellation, omission or suspension of any one or more advertisements be due to the act or default of the advertiser or his servants or agents, including the unsuitability of the advertisement as deemed by the Publisher and communicated to the client, then the advertiser shall pay for the space reserved for the Advertisement in full, notwithstanding that the advertisement has not appeared.

Proof of Publication

CQ will provide one copy of the issue in which the Client’s ad appears to the address listed on the contract or booking invoice, unless an alternative address is specified by the Client.

Publication Dates

Publication dates are absolute. When reserving space, the Advertiser must take into account reasonable delivery times to ensure that time-sensitive ads will be published in accordance with their expectations. CQ accepts no responsibility for delays in the postal system, or consequences thereof.

Submission of Copy

The Publisher may, in his sole discretion and for any reason, accept or refuse to accept any advertisement. The Publisher may refuse to accept an advertisement that is libelous, defamatory, pornographic, socially unacceptable, insensitive, in poor taste, contrary to established copy standards or otherwise contrary to CQ policy. If replacement advertisement is not received by the specified ad copy deadline date, a previous ad may be used. If no previous advertisement exists in CQ, the client will forfeit the cost of contracted space not used, and the unused space will be allocated at the discretion of the publisher.


All advertising is accepted from the advertiser with the implied authorization to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. The advertiser warrants that any advertisement submitted for publication shall comply with all applicable legislation, regulations, and codes of practice and is not an infringement of any other party’s rights. By the issuance of an Order to CQ, the advertiser fully assumes all costs and damages (including legal costs and awards ordered against CQ) in respect of any claim made against CQ arising from the advertisement or its publication thereof.!

Necessary Modifications

If CQ considers it necessary to modify space or alter the date or position of insertion or to make any other alteration to an advertisement, CQ shall notify the advertiser as soon as possible. The advertiser will have the right to submit a new advertisement if the alterations suggested are unacceptable, unless such changes are due to circumstances beyond the Publisher’s control and cannot be communicated to the advertiser for any reason prior to commencement of the manufacturing cycle of the relevant issue of the publication.

The Publisher may charge the advertiser for any required production work which converts advertiser-supplied artwork into a form suitable for publication. The Publisher will notify the advertiser of such charges whenever possible after receipt of advertising copy. These charges will be agreed to prior to publication, unless such required alterations/modifications do not become apparent to CQ until after the manufacturing cycle begins, in which case reasonable standard charges for such work shall be made.

Limits of Liability

CQ’s liability concerning print and production quality extends only to those ads and materials produced originally, and in their entirety, by CQ production staff. CQ assumes no liability for the print or production quality of artwork supplied by the advertiser or their agents.

The Publisher will exercise reasonable care and skill in the handling and publishing of the Advertisement but where the Advertisement is not published in the manner specified in the Contract, whether through any failure or negligent act or omission on the part of the Publisher or any third party, the Publisher’s maximum liability to the Advertiser shall be limited to the invoiced amount of the space relevant and only to the Advertisement concerned.

The Publisher shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage arising from failure to publish any Advertisement as agreed with the publication, including any non-publication or inaccurate reproduction of the Advertisement, whether caused by the Publisher’s error, negligence or any other reason whatsoever. The Publisher shall not be liable in respect of any error or omission, in a published Advertisement, which the client has not given notice to the Publisher in writing at least twenty-eight days prior to the actual publication date of the Advertisement.

Ad Production

Ad production rates as provided in the CQ Media Kit are inclusive of the following advertising production services: image scanning (5 images max.), image color correction, type setting, document layout, and 2 ad proofs. Artwork extending beyond the services included as part of standard ad production as stated, will be billed at current production fee rate (1/4 hour minimum charge).


Ad production payment is due immediately upon receipt of invoice. The Publisher reserves the right to impose a surcharge of two percent (2%) per month on all overdue amounts retroactive to the date of invoice.


If the Client chooses to employ CQ production services, ad copy requiring production work must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the ad material deadline as specified in the CQ Media Kit. Late submission may incur additional surcharges.


CQ’s production design clients are supplied with two successive ad proofs (if required). Proofs are delivered electronically in either JPG or PDF format. Additional ad proofs, if requested by client, are billed to the client at $45 per proof. When CQ supplies ad proofs to the Advertiser, the Advertiser must respond indicating all desired changes, alterations or amendments to the Publisher no later than the date specified in the particular proof email. Failing this, the Publisher cannot guarantee delivery of additional proofs or that the desired corrections will be made. If CQ does not receive instructions by the date specified, CQ reserves the right to run the ad as is, or in accordance with the last proof provided to the advertiser, or to repeat an Advertiser’s existing copy in their possession, where appropriate. Where CQ is not in possession of suitable copy, CQ may omit any copy or omit the Advertisement and charge the Advertiser for the space reserved.

While CQ makes every effort to ensure the final product is free of any grammatical, spelling or design errors before providing the final product to the client for proofing, the onus is on the client to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors, or design abnormalities contained in the final product. CQ is not responsible or liable in any way for any errors contained in the final product once the client has signed off on the last proof.

Ad Copy

During the term of the Contract, CQ will hold the advertiser’s property, originals, artwork, type, mechanicals, positives etc. at the owner’s risk. The advertiser absolves and indemnifies CQ and its subcontractors from any blame, liability, loss or damages to such property for any reason while under their care. The onus lies solely with the advertiser to provide a means of return for advertising materials they wish to have returned. If the client has not provided a means of return for said materials, materials will be held for 30 days after publication, after which the return of the materials cannot be guaranteed.


In the event of cancellation of any ad design project, ownership of all copyrights for original artwork and ancillary materials produced by CQ shall be retained by CQ, and a fee for work completed, based on the contract price and expenses already incurred, shall become immediately due and payable by the client.


Until full payment has been made by the client to CQ for any outstanding and relative invoiced amounts, CQ  retains ownership of all original artwork or parts contained therein, whether preliminary or final. Upon full payment, the client shall obtain ownership of the final composite artwork to use and distribute as they see fit. However, if said ad was produced by CQ and/or ad space sold at a negotiated price less than the normal rates and discounts, copyright shall remain with CQ. In any case, CQ retains the right to use the completed project and any preliminary designs for the purpose of design competitions, educational purposes, marketing materials, and portfolio.


All correspondence and documents provided by the client will be treated as confidential between the client and CQ or their assistants, unless consent to the contrary or otherwise has been granted by both parties involved or they are needed in the resolution of any legal matter arising from or pertaining to anything relative to these Terms and Conditions.

Special Orders

Additional copies of any given issue of CQ may be purchased by the advertiser, dependent on availability, at cost plus shipping and handling charges.

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