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Alpaca, Llama, & Camel Information

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U.S: 541.879.1877
Canada: 1-902-832-6131

Print Advertising Rates

Format Cost Of Space* Production**
Full Page 1

 $1050 4

 $945  $275
1/2 Page  $605  $545  $195
1/3 Page  $450  $405  $170
1/4 Page  $375  $340  $125
1/6 Page  $275  $250  $90
1/8 Page  $210  $190  $75

Publication Deadlines

Issue Distribution Date Ad Space Booking Ad Copy
March Mar. 15 Jan. 31 Jan. 31
June Jun. 15 Apr. 25 April. 30
September Sep. 15 Jul. 25 Jul. 30
December Dec. 01 Oct. 25 Oct. 30

* Discounts
(Non-premium spaces only). 10% total discount applicable only when space is contracted for 4 consecutive issues and full amount of invoice is paid immediately upon receipt of invoice. A 10% discount is available to advertisers booking multiple full page insertions in any one issue and/or all issues in a calendar year. Production fees (if applicable) are not subject to discounts

** Production (Graphic Design)
Production is optional and includes image scanning (5 max.), color correction, type setting, and document layout. Some restrictions may apply. Ad copy requiring production work should be submitted at least 7 days prior to specified ad material deadlines to allow time for proofing by advertiser.

Production Rates, as indicated above are considered the maximum chargeable amount to the client, based on the production guidelines as stated in the preceding paragraph.

Premium Locations
(Full pages only - full color only). Inside front, first right-hand page, inside rear cover, and outside rear cover are subject to prime location surcharges of 25%, 25%, 20% and 40% respectively and are guaranteed only by full payment and copy in by deadline. No discounts are available on premium spaces


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